Since 1982 Baggette Construction has participated in hundreds of full service development projects in multiple states. Baggette is dedicated to establishing and retaining a highly satisfied clientele by providing reliable service and quality solutions, focusing on the details and expectations of our customer's construction needs. Baggette Construction grows with and adapts to the changing needs of both our clients and employees, the founding philosophies of consistent, quality solutions must not be compromised.


We have a wide depth of experience in design-build projects, having developed long-standing relationships with many engineering and architectural firms throughout the Southeast. Our design-build services offer customers an increased value due to more accurate budgeting, planning, and strong communication between team members.

Construction Management

We work hard to provide Owners with effective management of their project's schedule and budget, while ensuring quality workmanship done by a safety-minded work force.


We offer pre-construction services to help minimize scheduling and budgeting surprises. By being involved in the early stages of the construction project, we can identify ways to reduce construction costs and meet project deadlines.

Our pre-construction services include:

  • Review of design and construction plans
  • Identification of flow of responsibility
  • Setting of schedule
  • Cost estimating
  • Assistance with permitting
  • Site evaluation


Proper scheduling is one of the most important facets of any successful project. A typical project schedule illustrates the critical paths of a project. The initial schedule is prepared by Baggette Construction with input from the owner, architect, and subcontractors. Project meetings, directed by our project managers, occur on a regular basis to monitor project status. Schedules are continually updated to reflect the actual job progress and are made available to the owner and the architect. Baggette employs the latest proven office technology combined with innovative workflow methods to estimate and produce a project. Electronic document management enables us to collaborate more effectively with Suppliers, Subcontractors, Architects, and Clients.


The success of any construction project is contingent upon the management capabilities of the contractor performing the work. Baggette Construction is a strong proponent of opening the lines of communication between all parties involved (Owners, Architects, Subcontractors, Vendors, and Suppliers). During the construction phase of a project, we supply on-going management of the project budget and schedules. We also oversee subcontractor administration, including safety training and quality control. By hiring and retaining the best and most qualified resources in the construction industry, we can provide significant value to projects that require value-engineering and complex problem solving.

Warranty Program

Customer satisfaction is a priority for Baggette Construction. It is our policy to keep a qualified employee on site until all punch list items are satisfactorily completed. Warranties are issued per the specs of the project and we maintain staff to provide warranty services.

LEED™ Construction

Our staff includes LEED™ Accredited Professionals, and we have experience with LEED™ methods and certification requirements. Learn more about our LEED™ practices.


Office Automation through technology is ongoing in the industry. Baggette Construction employs the latest proven office technology combined with innovative workflow methods to estimate and produce a project. Electronic document management, along with local and wide area network-based communications mediums, enable Baggette to collaborate more effectively with all parties. Our continual investment in technology allows us to ensure that communication is fully realized across all disciplines and areas of responsibility.


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